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MUZA Blends

MUZA US Office
7647 Hayvenhurst Ave #30.
Van Nuys, CA 91406, USA

MUZA Israel Office
1 Ha-Yozma St., Kfar Saba
P.O.Box 4442214 Israel


Germany Distributor
Sanaleo GmbH
Christianstraße 4
04105 Leipzig, Germany

What is MUZA Blend?
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MUZA Blend is a terpene rich herbal blend that is nicotine and tobacco free

What does MUZA Blend contain?
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MUZA contains marshmallow leaves, natural flavors and our unique terpene formulations:

Terpenes are organic molecules that are also found in Cannabis trichomes. They give the plant’s its flavor and aroma. The terpene extracts that are found in MUZA are sourced from other plants and were formulated according to Indica, Hybrid and Sativa strains. 

How much blend is in one pouch of MUZA?
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Pouch sizes range from 15 to 40 grams.

Keeping the pouch tightly closed helps in maintaining the blend fresh.

Where can I buy MUZA?
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MUZA is available for online purchase, and in selected stores across the world.

For distribution opportunities, please contact

Who stands behind the development of MUZA Blends?
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MUZA blends were developed by Eybna Technologies Ltd. Eybna is a global leader in research and development of cannabis terpene-based solutions, with the mission of bringing the benefits of cannabis to more patients. By isolating the medicinal properties found in different strains, Eybna seeks to achieve cannabis-based medicine that is tailored to treat specific medical conditions.

What are the different health consequences between smoking MUZA and tobacco, and organic tobacco?
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Tobacco, as well as organic tobacco, is known for its addictive nature because of its nicotine content. Smoking Cannabis with tobacco may open the door for addictive habits. MUZA is a terpene rich smoking blend that is 100% nicotine free, therefore it doesn’t include any addictive compounds. It is important to keep in mind that the act of smoking any plant material produces tar and may damage your health.

Why does MUZA has the health warning on its package? 
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Health warnings are required on all smoking products. 

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